Deep Forecasting Insights

published on Predicto, June 5th 2022

Photo by Matt Ridley on Unsplash

In an effort to make Predicto more user friendly, we are now surfacing human readable explainability information of our deep learning forecasts in the form of insights. In order to detect which features "highly influence" a forecast, Predicto generates the same forecast several times by omitting specific features and observing how this affects the outcome. Whenever PredictoAI detects a clear influence of one or more features on the outcome of a forecast, you will now see an insight box in the symbol's card, like the one below.

Deep insight example

You can then follow the card's links to learn more and inspect the deep explainability graphs even further.

Explainability heatmap example

We hope you find those deep insights useful! For any questions or feedback, dont hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and see you soon!