Stock & Cryptocurrency Forecasting AI

Based on News & Options Data
Powered by Intelligible Deep Learning models

We forecast the market
Using complex signals, Options data and News analysis.
Our Deep Learning Forecasts can be explained. Identify high impact factors for every prediction and pinpoint to the exact time periods of influence.
We generate trades
Daily based on the latest forecasts. Our AutoTrader's results are used to rank our models.
How it works
We consume raw data from diverse data sources. Our models generate short-term forecasts and trades. By monitoring our models' recent performance, we filter our final trades daily. Everything automated.
Note: This is a simplified version and actual process might differ per model. Please read our disclaimer and blog for more information.
We provide market signals
Our Outlook Signals are based on the combined forecasting Power of hundreds of Deep Learning models.
Tracking Nasdaq-100
Forecasting all Nasdaq-100 Companies and growing.
Tracking Cryptocurrencies
Forecasting a growing list of Cryptocurrencies in beta.
News Analytics
Understand how market reacts to News and how media focus changes over time.
Continuous Integration & Experimentation
Using, our No-Code AI Forecasting Platform, to capture latest market information.
We offer Python & Alpaca support
Latest Forecasts and Trade Picks are available daily for programmatic access via Python Library. Easy integration with Alpaca. Code and Jupyter Notebooks available in our GitHub repo
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