Short-term forecasts, trade picks, news analytics and insights daily using explainable Deep Learning models.
Predicto AutoTrader
Our AutoTrader uses auto-generated daily actions with entry/exit points based on our latest forecasts.
We generate forecasts daily using statistical and Deep Learning models based on a variety of complex signals, options data and News analysis.
Our forecasts can be explained. We are able to identify high impact factors for every prediction of our models and also pinpoint to the exact time periods of influence.
News Analytics
We'll help you understand how investors react to news and how media focus changes over time.
Explore Unusual Media Coverage
Companies with unusually high media coverage over the last 7 days
Keep track of Predicto AutoTrader performance. Detailed metrics for all our models per stock.
Average Daily AutoTrader's ROI
This is the average return % of our AutoTrader for each day since 01/01/2020.
Daily ROI refers to the average return % of that day's auto-generated trades which can take up to 2 weeks to complete or until they hit an exit rule. Benchmark % is calculated using S&P 500 index assuming positions are held for same period as our AutoTrader.

Disclaimer: The reported ROI is a result of simulated trading activity (an estimation) and doesn't fully reflect real market orders where stop loss orders are not guaranteed to execute at the asked price, and might fluctuate significantly, especially in times of extreme events or high market volatility. For more details check our FAQ section.
Continuous Integration
Our DL models are updated continuously to capture latest market information.
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